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Since more than 80 years the Swiss culinary professionals learn their craft with the "textbook of the kitchen" and the "recipe book of the kitchen" by PAULI.
The iPad version of the regularly updated classics contains over 1250 recipes, an extensive food dictionary and 34 instructional videos (Lite Version: 2 chapters of recipes and 3 videos).
The PAULI APP with its practical features and applications becomes a valuable and useful tool and reference for professional Chefs and Hobby cooks.  
  •  Download full version from Apple iTunes store
  •   Download free (Lite) version from Apple iTunes (2 chapters of recipes and 3 videos

The applications include:

  •         1250 classical and modern recipes with net weight in grams. Put together and tested by professionals from the culinary and educational industry
  •         Detailed food dictionary with image and description
  •         Useful information about nutrition
  •         17 training / instructional HD videos about all cooking methods
  •         5 training / instructional HD videos about hygiene
  •         1 training / instructional HD video „Eggs Benedict“
  •         11 training / instructional HD videos about stocks

The features include:

  •         The same chapter structure as in the PAULI-books
  •         Convenient search
  •         Display size freely adjustable
  •         Standard number / amount usually 10 persons, conversion function
  •         Favourites
  •         Send recipes via e-mail (10 recipes per week)
  •         Write your own texts / notes to the recipes
  •         All data is stored in the iPad, after the installation Internet connection is not necessary anymore
  •         AirPrint

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