The PAULI-story
When experts talk of "text book of cuisine", then they call it simply "the Pauli". But how did the success story of this book begin?
Originally from Liestal, Charles Herman Senn the secretary of the Culinary Society of London co-authored with some of the employees' the “Culinary Encyclopaedia", which came out in English in 1904. The publishing house of Union Helvetia in Lucerne decided in 1905 to produce a German version.
After three year long translation work, the book was published. 1914 followed the "textbook for young chefs and a guide (manual) book for aspiring head (executive) chefs and examination experts (assessors)", 1918 and 1923 further editions followed. Now Ernst Pauli came on the scene.
The 1st generation: Ernst Pauli
1. Auflage 19302. Auflage 19463. Auflage 1953
Ernst Pauli was a chef instructor at the Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne and had worked on the 1923 edition of the "teaching and guide (manual) book". In 1930 he published his first "text book of cuisine" in an edition of 2,000 copies.
A second edition of 3,000 copies followed immediately after the Second World War. The fourth edition of 1960 saw Ernst Pauli no longer, with which the work was finally passed over to his son Eugen.
The 2nd generation: Eugen Pauli

5./6. Auflage 1965/19687. Auflage 19738. Auflage 19769. Auflage 1980

In night long precision work, Eugen Pauli worked on his manuscripts as a trained chef and proprietor of the train station buffet restaurants (Bahnhofbuffets) in Olten and Aarau. With the seventh edition in 1973, a total revision was on the horizon.
At this time Eugen Pauli already had twenty employees. The work had grown too strong that it could not continue to operate as a "one-man show". 1976 and 1980 appeared the editions eight and nine. Eugen Pauli died in 1981 just 56 years of age.
 The 3rd generation: Philip Pauli

10. Auflage 198411./12. Auflage 1992/1999

Now the representative of the third generation, Philip Pauli took over the sceptre. He was already under his father; the president of the professional education committee of the Swiss restaurant and catering association. The cooperation has been intensified with this professional association. Along with the Union Helvetia, the Swiss restaurant and catering association and Philip Pauli became co-publishers.
Following the launch of the English editions by a U.S. publisher, other editions followed, that were distributed by each local publisher in Dutch and Japanese. These two versions were later abandoned, because the English language prevailed internationally.
With recipes and photos into the nineties

With the eleventh edition in 1992 entered the biggest change in the history of the "Pauli". The title was first divided into two volumes (text book and recipe book) and equipped with new and modern photographs.
The cost of this project went higher as expected by both co-publishers. Therefore Philip Pauli took over the title in 1992 into self-publishing. In the 12th edition in1999, the new Food Act and its regulations were incorporated and as well made ​​all necessary specialized technical adjustments.
The highlight (to date)
In the following years, working groups "text book" 13th edition (person in charge: Walter Schudel) and "recipe book" 3rd edition (person in charge: Carlos Egli) were busy to prepare the completely new redesigned books in 2005. In 2009 appeared the first time an iPhone version of the "Pauli".
(This text is based on the article "The Pauli Story" by Tony Annen, Churchill and Hans Weiss from the Bibliotheca Gastronomica, published in Pauli Cuisine Summer 2005)