Pauli the text book is called the bible of the chefs - and rightly so, because for over 75 years the PAULI TEXT BOOK (the kitchen basics) is the undisputed basic cookbook for hotel and restaurant (catering). In the current 13th Edition a perfect bridge between the traditional and the modern cuisine (kitchen) was successful.
The world-renowned standard work presents itself as a modern classic of all times with 880 colour photographs, 588 pages with more comprehensive and more didactic, including DVD (175 minutes) in German, French, English and Spanish and hygiene DVD.
  • Operation: gastronomy, kitchen, hygiene, safety and ecology
  • Nutrition: not only good but also healthy eating
  • Ingredients / Foods: pictures and descriptions of each ingredients
  • Menu: from menu planning to the design of the menu
  • Calculation: from the menu planning to menu costing analysis
  • Cooking: Basics, all cooking methods, hot and cold kitchen, desserts
The PAULI is made ​​by professionals for professionals: A team of authors with over 30 experienced professionals have compiled everything you need to know about the modern cuisine (kitchen) in the new PAULI
Recommended by the Swiss Gastronomy Teacher Association (SGFV) and for many years the official teaching materials of the Swiss vocational schools, the PAULI text book (the kitchen basics) is for the specialist as for the interested layman an indispensable introduction to the culinary arts (art of professional cooking).
The perfect addition is the PAULI recipe book with 1250 tested recipes.

ISBN-Nr. 978-3-9523024-0-8
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